Cloud Native Security

by Chris Binnie & Rory McCune

If you are interested in learning about container security, DevSecOps tooling, Cloud Security Posture Management and advanced Kubernetes security then read on.
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What's In The Book

With over 300 pages across 20 chapters and suitable for all IT professionals, the comprehensive hands-on book starts with Cloud Native security topics optimised for mid-level engineering experience and, through a well-formulated, detailed journey of learning, ends with advanced topics.

Container & Advanced Orchestrator Security

Learn to explain exactly what a Linux container is and use hands-on examples to understand how to secure them.

Install And Configure CI/CD DevSecOps Tooling

Understand a number of key areas that DevSecOps addresses. Get hands-on access to shift security to the left.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Get access to enforce, monitor and audit cloud services gaining skills that are applicable to all cloud platforms.

Advanced Kubernetes Security And Attack Insights

Get industry-leading knowledge about how attackers target Kubernetes and the process of mitigating these attacks.

Advanced Container Runtime Security

Arm yourself with all the facts in order to fully understand the security concerns around containerised workloads.

Reduce Cloud Operating Costs With Open Source

Using multiple open source tools enables you to significantly improve your security posture and save operational costs.

Who This Book Is For

DevOps engineers and developers are commonly asked to shift security to the left and adopt DevSecOps practices. Learn the skills that your job will increasingly require and learn to minimise attack surfaces on all Cloud Native infrastructure components.

DevOps Engineers

As DevSecOps processes become prevalent, all DevOps engineers will be expected to embrace security further.


To improve security in the multi-layered world of Cloud Native technologies developers are being asked to shift security to the left more frequently.

Platform Engineers

Containerised workloads are complicated at the best of times. Arm yourself with security know-how to upskill.

System Administrators

As a Sysadmin learn to automate node hardening using industry-leading security and compliance controls.

About The Authors

Written by two industry veterans each with over twenty years of IT experience the book contains niche know-how and hard-won technical knowledge.

Chris Binnie is a Cloud Native security consultant who designed and built a media streaming platform in AWS in 2012 and served 77 countries with live sports and music events.

Rory McCune is the main author of NCC's Mastering Container Security training course and presents at international conferences regularly.

The book collects their combined experience and presents them in four sections across Over 300 pages and 20 chapters of invaluable knowledge.